Minggu, 07 November 2010

Man's bag

Considering about my new hobby of collecting bags, i spot a bag from this popular brand

This bag makes me spend more of my shopping dime more then ever, i have ordered this and wait this new bag to delivered to my house. damn! its hurt my pocket! haha btw this bag got a very nice leather. silky and wearable. and the design are simple more then any other LV bag. 
 well,honestly i prefer Gucci rather than LV, but this bag makes me change my mind. i ll got the pict when the bag are arrived at my place. not gonna say any words. have a good day for you stranger ;)

Sabtu, 30 Oktober 2010

Pesta blogger 2010

weekend kemaren, saya ke epicentrum untuk datang ke acara blogger sejati. yaitu pesta blogger 2010. pesta blogger sendiri adalah acara untuk bertemu dan bersosialisasi para blogger-blogger diseluruh indonesia. dan disinilah salah satu ajang dimana kita bisa bertemu dengan para blogger senior bahkan celeb blog. saya yang masih blogger anak kemaren sore ini, sebenarnya merasa asing juga dengan perkumpulan seperti ini. tapi dengan keseruan yang ditunjukan oleh para blogger2 yang baru saya kenal disana membuat acara ini makin menarik !

trus ngapain ke pestablogger ?
tujuan awal saya kesana yaitu untuk ketemu sama temen blogger baru yang belum pernah ketemuan dan kita janjian untuk ketemuan diacara ini. tapi setelah datang disana saya jadi merasa kalau ajang seperti ini salah satu cara untuk dapat mempromosikan blog kita dan menemukan teman baru atau mungkin komunitas baru.

with Mr.hendra (ndra-doji.blogspot.com)
Awalnya saya bisa ketemu sama hendra,karena kita komunikasi melalui comment blog dimana kita memiliki persamaan pekerjaan dan interest kemudian kami berhubungan melalui blackberry messeger. kebetulan dia tinggal diapartemen rasuna said jadi saya bawa dia ke epicentrum hehe.

kemudian saya bertemu dengan beberapa blogger yang lebih senior, sayang celeb blog yang saya harapkan tidak ada. ok i wont say any word. lets the picts say it

with Mr.Isman h suryaman

 with putri

with igor saykoji

Acara ditutup dengan santapan miitem di plaza indonesia, miitem cream cheese and sea food dan pizza cheese and mushroom. recommended sekali untuk pecinta makanan asia dan itali, yumm :P
sayang saya ga sempat foto.sudah habis baru kepikiran sih hehe CHEERS!!

Jumat, 29 Oktober 2010

Short Break

Hello readers, thanks for coming and read my last 2 posted. since im new with this blogging things. the layout and everything in this blog still not completely good and im sorry for that :)

I will post more review about lifestyle at city and telling you guys what are they from my side of view. and you can participate by tell your point of view too with the comment box below every post, i will reply all your comment. and please follow this blog and i'll follow you back.because this blog needs a publicity ! 

more coming from this blog, ill update all features for this blog. more things to discuss and absolutely lifestyle thing. and i want you guys to keep coming and active to comment here. so the life of this blog would be colorful by all your comments. . gracias 

A List phone

You guys must be familiar with this


Yes, those are blackberry and iphone. this post is gonna talk about the lifestyle of both users of this phone. as we know blackberry and iphone users are increasing in the past years since 2009. both phone has different and unique characteristic,function,shape,models,colours. you name it. all type of communication need are perfectly being provided with those smartphone. im personally using this 2 kind of phone so i can said as a user. those phone are very useful and functional. helping my life a lots. but what are the type of people who are match with blackberry? or probably more fit on iphone? this phone can describe the users.

lets start from 
Blackberry are made to accommodate a technology of chatting and internet anywhere and everywhere.the build in blackberry messenger has been an advantages of this phone. we can chat 24 hours without need to sign in to any web or application and its been connected to all blackberry users all around the world. this phone got their popularity by hollywood celebrity when they changing the concept from working phone into a lifestyle phone. the influence when to public very strong and creating a self images for this phone. nowadays. blackberry users are everywhere. from kindergarten student until professional bussiness man. the lifestyle of this phone has changing more into an entertainment phone instead of a bussiness phone like it use to be. the ability of their social networking tools has made them the best device to buy if we have a high social networking live to maintain like on facebook, twitter. or any other social network and chatting was so much fun on blackberry!

And we going to         
1 word for this device. FUN!! if with blackberry i can chat everytime i want, iphone can give me full entertainment anytime i want. this smartphone include ipod music player inside the program and can playback more than 5000 song depends on the memory of your iphone. moreover iphone can contain so many application like games,office tool, entertainment,design tool and still much more. iphone using safari as a browser and it can do multitasking so you can browse more than 1 page at the same time. if you have 3gs type. you can converting your video and edit it on the device without plug-in to the computer again. and internet speed of this phone (3gs) was satisfying. i dont see any weakpoint yet from this phone and this phone giving a lot of fun for me.
each device has they own unique and advantages but most people said, a working family guy having blackberry and a single free man having iphone. i have both of them, so what am i ?? :)

*all images still from google

Coffee addiction

Starbucks, the world known coffee shop 

Coffee shop has been a major lifestyle for people at big city for the past years, people going here not just to drink coffee, its  has been a place where people socialize. and every coffee shop has their own style to provide their customers. but i want to talk more details on starbucks.
this coffee shop has deliberating a phenomenal success ! 
They are providing their customers with a very cozy place to talk, read even write. the clean air and the smell of the bureau-coffee while they played a very enjoyable music makes this coffee shop are the best for environment. the brand was also a powerful concept. with the design of their packaging . you will have a pleasure taking a cup of grande starbucks americano or a caramel machiato  on your hands while you crossing the road to your office in the morning.

Why people want to spend more money on coffee meanwhile they can make it by them self with a cheaper price ?  
isnt that life style all about. you can't be too rational if talking about lifestyle. its like asking why there's a people who want to buy a hermes bag ? 
with a quality of the fresh coffee bean and a powerfull brand image on your hands. it beats the price starbucks offered. the range of coffee in starbucks around Rp.18.000 - Rp.70.000 depends on the size and drinks you order. quite make sense with the image and facility you can get with.

 my best time on starbucks was when i ordered a cappucino or black coffee in the morning before i get to my office or when i have an afternoon snacks with a choc-croisant or bluberry muffin . while i talking to my friend or just playing with my phone. the strong coffee taste or a melted chocolate are the best !

What are your favourite starbucks ?
*images taken from google



Hello reader, first of all i wanna say welcome and thanks for coming to the blog !

 This blog named after lifestyle because the main contain would be the lifestyle it self. i would write down a lifestyle of people in town that i saw everyday. what popular,hot,and whats things to do and bought when you are a lifestyle admirer.me myself was a full time worker,halftime college student and a completely lifestyle admirer.

so i bet you guys who come here have the same interest like me,and probably we have a common life to live. as this blogs named live-you-live-free. a free life is what live all about right ??

So have fun coming around here, don't forget to follow me and wait for my first post. see ya around kids :)